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The conservative hybrid category of mutual funds invests the majority of the corpus in the debt instruments while a smaller proportion is invested in equities to earn capital gains. In general, conservative hybrid mutual funds allocate 75-90% of the corpus in fixed income securities and the rest in equities. As the allocation in debt tools is very high, the risk is very low in such schemes. These funds can be chosen by conservative investors for capital appreciation and income distribution.

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    Fund Name Latest NAV (₹) Rating Return (%) Double Money In 1 Lac Grew To (₹)  
    57.54 5 9.89 8Y 10M 1.33 L Invest
    13.82 5 9.23 10Y 6M -- Invest
    52.29 4 9.95 11Y 10M 1.33 L Invest
    53.06 4 9.37 10Y 9M 1.31 L Invest
    45.46 3 1.74 32Y 8M 1.05 L Invest
    Kotak Debt Hybrid - Growth
    Moderate risk | Conservative
    44.13 3 11.6 8Y 7M 1.39 L Invest
    55.35 3 11.48 9Y 5M 1.39 L Invest
    HDFC Hybrid Debt Fund - Growth Plan
    High risk | Conservative
    61.62 3 10.18 9Y 11M 1.34 L Invest
    76.85 3 9.95 9Y 3M 1.33 L Invest
    43.62 3 6.76 12Y 2M 1.22 L Invest

    MIP conservative investing majorly in debt instruments

    MIP conservative schemes are mutual funds which allow the clients to secure their money by investing a major portion in debt instruments and a relative less in equity and other capital appreciation schemes. However, MIP fund is a scheme of the debt category but, they also invest in other capital intensive instruments as well. The scheme is for clients who want to shield their money from the market tantrums along with having an edge of equity investments. The clients get the benefit of capital appreciation in the scheme and the scheme make it possible to convert their savings into investment through a secured means. The clients have an opportunity to invest in debt funds and capture the returns according to the aspirations of the clients.

    MIP conservative : Understanding MIP and Conservative separately

    MIP conservative is a singl plan but includes the feature of two different words i.e., MIP and conservative, each of which holding a separate meaning and value of their own. Monthly Income Plan or MIP (as it is popularly known), is a method which enables the clients to get a monthly return for their investments. It is best suited for those who intend to plan for their retirement. MIP allows the clients to have a monthly income source rather than withdrawing unequal amounts from the corpus. Conservative is the term used to define the schemes which are more secure. It means that they invest a major portion of the client’s money in debt instruments with a pinch of equity investment to the client’s investment. Thus, combined MIP conservative is an innovative scheme which provides the benefits of monthly withdrawal for the clients and invests their accumulated amount majorly in the money market instruments. Therefore, one can say that MIP conservative schemes will prove to be the best plans for investing regarding their retirement.

    MIP conservative : A few benefits of the scheme

    • Tax planning for senior citizens:-  MIP conservative scheme follow the same taxation policies like the rest of the mutual fund schemes. The mutual fund taxation policy has the guidelines of providing the benefits to the clients who invest in the MIP conservative schemes for more than a year. Such an investment would be termed under the long-term capital gains and the clients will receive a 20% with indexation and 10% without indexation benefits for their taxes. The clients who tend to invest in MIP conservative scheme for a shorter duration will be exempted from the taxation benefits as their investments will be termed under the short-term capital gains and they would have to pay their taxes according to their Income Tax slab.
    • Interest rates play a vital role:-  MIP conservative schemes invest majorly in the money market instruments and thus the fluctuation in the interest rates highly affects the returns they tend to produce. However, it also invest in equity and cash but the fluctuating share prices have a little or affect on the returns as the percentage of investment in them is quite low. The clients can be very relaxed as the interest rates do not fluctuate daily like the share prices. Hence, the clients receive a fixed rate of return for their investment which seldom gets affected that too with the slightest degree.
    • Regularize your income even after retirement:-  The clients who invest in MIP conservative schemes have an advantage of earning a fixed income much similar like a salary every month. The amount gets accumulated till the maturity date of the scheme. And after the scheme reaches the maturity you are allowed to fix an amount which would be credited to your account every month on a stipulated date. This will be similar to your salary being credited to your account every month. The clients can budget their income even after retirement. The most important benefit of this functionality is that the clients will not withdraw unequal amount as and when required, which will save money and make it last long.
    • Beneficial to the first-timer:-   MIP conservative can be a beneficial scheme for the newbie clients and help them to have the exact idea as to how the mutual fund schemes operate. They would also have the benefit of investing a major portion in the secured avenues of the industry while only a very less proportion in the equity schemes. Thus, they will get back their money in installments which would be invested in the money market instruments. So, they will not have to worry about the safety of their money as well.

    To conclude, the investment in MIP funds is quite secure in terms of money and will also make the clients money grow with a hint of equity investment as well. The clients can enjoy their post-retirement life easily if their portfolio consists of MIP conservative schemes.

    With the growing trend of online investing, mutual fund investing has also moved on to the next level of technology. My SIP Online is one of the best online mutual fund houses which allows the clients to customize their portfolio and present to you the list of top performing MIP funds in India and help you to grow. So, you can stop worrying and commence your investing soon for having a happy post-retirement life. We have a team of experts who are ready to assist you throughout the entire investment process.

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