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Chinmay Agrawal

10 January, 2019

To become a crorepati in 15 years you can need to invest at least Rs 15,000 every month in a good mutual fund or a set of mutual funds. If you can invest in an aggressive or high-risk scheme, you can own a crore even before 15 years but if you cannot take enough risk of the equity mutual funds then it might take you a longer duration to achieve the same. You can use any SIP reverse calculator to calculate the same.

Simran Kapoor

02 September, 2018

Gaining a crore through mutual funds sounds like a tough job but you can actually achieve it at ease in 15 years by paying even lesser than the quarter of 1 crore. You must understand that mutual funds come with different objectives and strategies and you can choose them according to your investment objective and risk bearing abilities.

Large-cap funds can provide 12-15% returns

Mid-cap funds can provide 14-16% returns

Small-cap funds can provide 16-18% returns

It is not mandatory that an equity mutual fund will provide the expected outcome. The returns depend on investment style and market conditions. In long tenure of 15%, the returns are generally adequate.

Coming back to the objective of 1 crore, you can achieve it if you invest a specific amount in the selected scheme.

For a scheme with 12% returns you need to invest Rs 20,000 a month

For a scheme with 15% returns you need to invest Rs 15,000 a month

For a scheme with 18% returns you need to invest Rs 11,000 a month

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