IDFC Mutual Fund is one of the most innovative fund houses in India which has a team of highly experienced fund managers. The AMC has been providing a variety of top-performing schemes in various categories since March 2000. The equity, debt as well as hybrid schemes provided by IDFC MF have allowed thousands of investors to achieve their financial objective conveniently. Know all details about the IDFC Mutual Fund online schemes, NAV, review, performance, returns and best performing schemes.

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    Mr. Vishal Kapoor

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      Fund Name Latest NAV (₹) Rating Return (%) Double Money In 1 Lac Grew To (₹)  
      100.08 4 25.11 5Y 7M 1.96 L Invest
      IDFC Infrastructure Fund - Regular Plan - Growth
      Moderate risk | Sectoral-Infrastructure
      25.25 4 23.03 8Y 10M 1.86 L Invest
      26.35 4 7.05 11Y 9M 1.23 L Invest
      20.23 4 6.13 10Y 2M 1.20 L Invest
      28.62 4 5.78 10Y 11M 1.18 L Invest
      46.78 4 5.54 11Y 6M 1.18 L Invest
      18.75 4 5.36 20Y 9M 1.17 L Invest
      27.9 4 5.22 12Y 2M 1.16 L Invest
      13.72 4 5.11 12Y 12M 1.16 L Invest
      31.82 4 4.94 11Y 10M 1.16 L Invest

      IDFC FAQs

      We Help You in Building Your Wealth!
      • IDFC is a prominent Asset Management Company (AMC) in India which was launched in 2000 and has a large number of investor base with significant AUM. It has allowed thousands of investors to achieve their investment objective and is a trustworthy mutual fund house in India.
      • IDFC Mutual Fund has launched various schemes in every category to allow every kind of investors to achieve their financial objectives. As of 31 March 2019, it has a total of 368 mutual funds under operation.
      • Switching can be done anytime from one scheme to another scheme of IDFC MF but investments cannot be switched to a scheme of different AMC. It can be done either as a whole or periodically through the STP option.
      • Potential investors can check for the stability, consistency, risk to reward ratio, fund manager’s strategy and other aspects to select a better scheme. Investors with lack of knowledge or those who do not have time can take the assistance of financial experts at lpl电竞(拉萨)在线下注可靠 .
      • As of the quarter ending March 2019, the AUM of IDFC Mutual Fund is Rs 69,351.96 crore which is increasing at a good pace.
      • The available dates for SIP in all the schemes of IDFC Mutual Fund are 1st, 7th, 10th,14th, 15th, 21st, 25th, and 28th date of every month.
      • The minimum amount for SIP in the schemes of IDFC Mutual Fund is Rs 500 and the minimum amount for lump sum investment is Rs 1000.
      • Each scheme of IDFC charges a different expense ratio for handling the investments which can be checked before investing. An exit load is also charged while redemption if the investments are withdrawal at early stages. The tenure to charge exit load is different for every scheme.

      IDFC Mutual Fund : A Choice for a Better Tomorrow

      IDFC Mutual Fund, since its launch in 2000, has gained huge popularity among investors, by providing some really great schemes over the years. But, they are not only fixed on providing the best mutual fund schemes. The AMC aims to provide investors with optimal growth opportunities while also increasing awareness among the investors. At present, IDFC Mutual Funds is offering schemes in the three major asset classes, which are equity, hybrid, and debt. The top schemes from both the asset classes have been listed below.

      What Makes IDFC Mutual Fund the Best?

      The IDFC Mutual Funds aims to provide the best value for their investment to the investors and for this, the management team uses optimal strategies. The strategies can differ for different category of schemes, so investors get the full benefit of the market. Some of the best strategies followed by the schemes are as follows:

      Diversification: To ensure that the mutual fund schemes can provide stable performance during different market conditions, IDFC MF Online maintains a balance in the portfolio by distributing the investments across various instruments. For e.g., in the large cap fund, the management team also invest a considerable part in small caps, mid caps, and debt instruments. In debt too, instruments with various credit ratings are added so that an optimal growth can be provided.

      Invest in the Best: The fund management team of IDFC Mutual Fund only pick the big names in the market for investment. This is to ensure that all the investments made, yield the best returns even during difficult market conditions.

      Creating Awareness Among Investors: IDFC Mutual Fund is creating awareness among investors by launching various online campaigns. They have a separate section on the website where investors can get all the basic information about mutual funds, including the way mutual fund works, how to choose an optimal category, how to save tax with help of mutual funds and many others. In addition to this, they also post several informative contents on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., and also post videos on YouTube regularly to ensure that the maximum number of investors can get the best benefits from online investments in IDFC Mutual Funds.

      IDFC MF : Offers Different Types of Investment Options

      IDFC mtutal fund provides best schemes in mainly three categories.

        Equity Schemes:  These are the schemes which invest majorly in equity and debt instruments to provide investors with long term capital growth. Equity Funds of IDFC MF are designed for investors who want to invest with the goal of high capital growth, have a moderate to moderately high risk appetite, and a long term investment horizon.

      Debt Schemes: Schemes from these categories invest in debt and money market instruments to provide investors with stable investment options. Debt category schemes of IDFC Mutual Fund SIPs are designed for investors who have a low risk appetite, want a stable growth, and don’t want to deal with the volatility shown by equity instruments.

      Hybrid Schemes: These schemes are for investors who want capital growth by investing in a mix of equity and debt instruments. The hybrid schemes of IDFC Mutual Fund are best for investors who have a moderate risk appetite, are looking for risk adjusted returns and want to enjoy a growth accompanied by stability.

      Best IDFC Mutual Fund Schemes

      S.N Top Equity Schemes Top Debt Schemes Top Hybrid Schemes
      1. IDFC Large Cap Fund IDFC Corporate Bond Fund IDFC Asset Allocation Fund - Conservative Plan
      2. IDFC Tax Advantage Fund IDFC Low Duration Fund IDFC Arbitrage Fund
      3. IDFC Core Equity Fund - -

      IDFC Mutual Funds : Benefits Of Investment

      For experiencing a smooth growth with the Best IDFC Mutual Fund Schemes, you need to create diversification in your portfolio. In simple terms, you need to add different schemes from various categories in such a way that a balance can be created. This strategy will help you in times of the market volatility, as even if the equity instruments fail to perform, stable returns from other asset classes can compensate for the performance.

      We are the proud partners with IDFC Mutual Fund online to allow more number of investors to take advantage of top-performing mutual funds online. We aim to simplify the mutual funds investments through SIP & Lumpsum so that investors can enjoy seamless investment experience. For that, we have designed SIP calculator to assist investors with complex calculations regarding investments. The list of top performing schemes is regularly updated. The dashboard is designed for the ease of investors which allows them to track their investments regularly from any device. We are constantly searching for ways to increase the convenience of the investors and make their future financially secured.

      Meet Our Clients
      Mysiponline offers great mutual fund services as compared to some other platforms. Previously I used to spend on pension plans only. But, from when, they have advised me suitable schemes from IDFC Mutual Fund, I’m very satisfied and happy with my investment as it feels my money is growing and I’m building a big corpus for future.
      Tanuj bohra
      Without any doubt, you can take assistance from mysiponline while choosing IDFC Mutual Fund SIP plan as they are certain in what they deliver to investors who are coming at this portal. I hope, I would be knowing it before a few years so I could start early.
      Sandeep thakur
      I was the type of investors who used to put all the eggs in a basket and thankfully I came across the blogs of my sip online while searching for top recommended funds. I explored and discussed with experts and they have advised me to add some schemes from IDFC Mutual Fund and other AMCs to maintain a diversified portfolio.
      JP Mishra - Mumbai
      Before 3-years ago, I started investing in IDFC mf online through mysiponline and I’m glad that it was a wise decision. I read their weekly update section regularly to know what is happening in a particular section and what action to take for a diversified portfolio.
      Nisha Pachhara Bangalore
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