Corporate Bond NAV 91.3793 09 September, 2022
Aditya Birla Sun Life Corporate Bond Fund - Growth - Regular Plan was previously known as

Aditya Birla Sun Life Short Term Fund (G)

ABSL Corporate Bond Fund is an open-ended scheme of ABSL Mutual Fund that aims to provide stable returns along with high liquidity to the investors by diversifying the assets in the debt instruments. This corporate bond of ABSL is the best SIP investment plan in India that has surged exceptional gains in the past among all the peer competitors. The scheme is suitable for the investors having low risk appetite who are in search of the best investment plan with higher returns.

Fund Details

Category Corporate Bond
Fund Type Open Ended
Investment Plan Growth
Launch Date 03 March, 1997
Benchmark CRISIL Short-Term Bond
Asset Size(Cr) 13768.54 (As on 31-08-2022)
Min Investment ₹ 100
Min SIP Investment ₹ 1000
Min Addl Investment ₹ 100
Exit Load Nil
Expense Ratio 0.46% (As on 31-07-2022)
Fund Manager Kaustubh Gupta

Investment Returns (As on 09 Sep, 2022)

Duration Returns Benchmark Category
1 W 0.16% 0.53% 0.14%
1 M 0.88% 1.54% 0.73%
3 M 2.14% 3.55% 1.83%
6 M 2.08% 1.95% 1.36%
1 Y 3.26% 2.3% 2.49%
2 Y 4.78% 4.32% 4.1%
3 Y 6.8% 6.28% 6.02%
5 Y 7.15% 6.97% 6.47%

Risk Mesasures (As on 09 Sep, 2022)

Std Dev Sharpe Beta Alpha YTM AVG Maturity
Fund 1.31 1.61 2.62 0.74 7.25 2.68
Returns Compare with Others
  • 1Y
  • 3Y
  • 5Y

Portfolio (As on 28 Feb, 2022)

Assets Allocation

Sector Holdings
Others 3.74%

Return Calculator

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  • ₹0 (0.0)

Disclaimer: Above returns are calculated on the basis of historical NAV movement for the selected period. However, historical performance does not guarantee future returns. Investors must take investment decisions based on his/her own requirements.

Peer Comparison

Fund Name 1 Yr Rtn. 3 Yr Rtn. 5 Yr Rtn.
Aditya Birla Sun Life Corporate Bond Fund - Growth - Regular Plan 3.26% 6.8% 7.15%

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Aditya Birla Sun Life Corporate Bond Fund: Best Scheme for High Liquidity

ABSL Corporate Bond Fund is one best debt scheme of ABSL that invests predominantly in the high rated credit instruments to fetch healthy returns for the investors. This top performing scheme have no exit load therefore, an investor can withdraw its participation from the scheme anytime. Due to this, it is a suitable scheme for the investors who want to enjoy moderate returns along with high liquidity.

Aditya Birla Sun Life Corporate Bond Fund: Investment Style

ABSL Corporate Bond Fund targets securities having high credit quality and medium interest rate sensitivity. Investing in top rated instrument helps to minimize the credit risk thus, ensuring the investors that their money is in safe hands. The mutual fund invests the assets in 185 securities having an average maturity period of 2.24 years.

Aditya Birla Sun Life Corporate Bond Fund: Portfolio Analysis

AAA rated instruments holds 85.1% of the total assets. Diversifying the assets largely in this top rated instrument helps the scheme in generating consistent profits in the long term. The corporate bond fund of ABSL Mutual Fund also allocates significant percentage of assets in AA (7.53%) rated instruments, cash equivalents (3.54%), A & below (1.79%) rated instruments, A1+ (1.03%) rated instruments, and SOV’s (1.01%).

Diversifying the assets in a mixture of high and medium rated instruments helps in optimizing the overall risk-adjusted returns. So now you know why it is the best SIP plan of India.

Aditya Birla Sun Life Corporate Bond Fund: Previous Track Record

The mutual fund has a promising track record and have provided 9.30% of returns since the inception date. The fund has been a consistent performer and have defeated its benchmark and category’s average many times in terms of annualized returns. The 5,7, and 10- year annualized returns of ABSL Corporate Bond Fund is 8.61%, 8.85%, and 7.93%, respectively. Moreover, the fund is currently the best fund among all the other funds of the same category. Therefore, this mutual fund of ABSL can prove as a wealth booster for the low risk takers.

Why to Invest?

  1. Low Risk: Being a corporate bond, Aditya Birla Sun Life Bond Fund invests in the debt instruments of companies that have high growth rate. Thus, this fund is less risky than the funds exposing the assets more towards equities.
  2. High Quality Instruments: The corporate bond of Aditya Birla Mutual Fund invests largely in the AAA rated instruments which helps the fund in surging good returns to the investors. The fund managers, Mr. Maneesh Dangi and Mr. Kaustubh Gupta shortlists the best organizations for ploughing the cash of the investors.
  3. Diversification of Portfolio: Investing in ABSL Corporate Bond Fund helps in making a balanced portfolio. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket! Thus, if you are looking for a suitable option for diversifying the portfolio then this corporate bond fund of ABSL can help you with the same.

Who Should Invest?

  • Low-Risk Takers: Aditya Birla Sun Life Corporate Bond Fund is suitable for the investors having low risk appetite. Investing the accumulated AUM in the debt instruments makes it less prone towards market risk.
  • Investors in Search for Liquidity: ABSL Corporate Bond Fund comes with no exit load which provides the investor a privilege to enjoy liquidity.
  • Lowest Expense Ratio: The corporate bond of ABSL Mutual Fund has the expense ratio of 0.39% (as on 31st March. 2019) which is lowest from the other funds falling under the same category. High expense ratio lowers the overall profit and a low expense ratio will help you in achieving remarkable profit on your principal amount.

How to Invest Wisely in Aditya Birla Sun Life Corporate Bond Fund?

First thing first, choose a particular mode of investment, lump sum or SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) according to your suitability. For calculating the expected gains through your chosen mode of investment you can use the SIP Calculator or Lump Sum Calculator. After you are done with this, decide your investment amount, time horizon and start your investment journey. You can also use the online tool known as Tax Calculator to know the taxes that will be levied on your gains. This will help you to calculate the taxes effectively.

Reading so far, you must have known that Aditya Birla Sun Life Corporate Bond Fund is one of the best debt funds in India that can help you in achieving your financial goals faster. Thus, if you also want to enjoy positive returns in the future, then consider including ABSL Corporate Bond Fund in your portfolio.

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