Small Cap NAV 48.421 0.05 09 September, 2022
L&T Emerging Businesses Fund - Regular Plan - Growth was previously known as

L&T Emerging Businesses (G)

L&T Emerging Businesses Fund Growth additionally invests in foreign securities, debt, and money market instruments. Investors with a long-term investment horizon should invest in the fund. L&T Emerging Businesses Fund fund is predominantly investing in the equity and equity-related stocks of small and emerging companies.

Fund Details

Category Small Cap
Fund Type Open Ended
Investment Plan Growth
Launch Date 11 May, 2014
Benchmark S&P BSE Small Cap TRI
Asset Size(Cr) 7335.59 (As on 30-06-2022)
Turn over 16.38%
Min Investment ₹ 5000
Min SIP Investment ₹ 500
Min Addl Investment ₹ 1000
Exit Load For units in excess of 10% of the investment,1% will be charged for redemption within 365 days
Expense Ratio 1.89% (As on 31-05-2022)
Fund Manager Alok Ranjan,Venugopal Manghat,Vihang Naik

Investment Returns (As on 09 Sep, 2022)

Duration Returns Benchmark Category
1 W 2.98% 0.91% 0.56%
1 M 7.21% 2.87% 3.74%
3 M 14.65% -14.09% -9%
6 M 13.31% -18.77% -13.38%
1 Y 14.95% -5.84% 0.97%
2 Y 50.33% 40.96% 45.14%
3 Y 30.85% 12.25% 25.17%
5 Y 14.06% 3.71% 12.15%

Risk Mesasures (As on 09 Sep, 2022)

Std Dev Sharpe Beta Alpha
Fund 17.39 0.68 3.86 0.89
Returns Compare with Others
  • 1Y
  • 3Y
  • 5Y

Portfolio (As on 28 Feb, 2022)

Assets Allocation

Sector Holdings
Others 2.18%

Return Calculator

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Disclaimer: Above returns are calculated on the basis of historical NAV movement for the selected period. However, historical performance does not guarantee future returns. Investors must take investment decisions based on his/her own requirements.

Peer Comparison

Fund Name 1 Yr Rtn. 3 Yr Rtn. 5 Yr Rtn.
L&T Emerging Businesses Fund - Regular Plan - Growth 14.95% 30.85% 14.06%
Nippon India Small Cap Fund - Regular Growth 15.83% 37.49% 18.63%
SBI Small Cap Fund - Regular Plan - Growth 19.15% 33.45% 19.44%
HDFC Small Cap Fund - Growth Option 8.68% 27.32% 15.45%
Aditya Birla Sun Life Small Cap Fund - GROWTH -0.9% 22.33% 6.87%

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L&T Emerging Businesses Growth Fund: High Risk Higher Returns

L&T Emerging Businesses Fund is one of the favourite schemes for aggressive investors. Those who can invest for the long term have cherished the performance of this top performer in the small-cap category. Despite operating on a high-risk mandate, L&T Emerging Businesses Fund has maintained lower volatility than most of the schemes in the small-cap category. The fund came late in the market but didn’t take any time to become the elite performer. Investors have already gained remarkable returns from the scheme and the inflows of investments are constantly increasing as more investors are getting aware of the wealth creation opportunities provided by L&T Emerging Businesses Fund in the long term.

Overview of L&t Emerging Businesses Fund Growth Scheme

L&T Emerging Businesses Fund was launched in 2014 by L&T Mutual Fund AMC to distribute the capital gains from small-cap stocks to the investors. It is managed by Mr SN Lahiri who is one of the most talented and highly experienced fund managers in India for the aggressive portfolio. Due to impressive performance, the AUM of the scheme has been snowballing at a great pace but it still accepts investments through SIP as well as a lump sum. It has a unique feature that allows investors to withdraw 10% of the units without paying any exit load anytime after investment. However, the redemption of 100% units is free of exit load after completing 1 year. This open-ended scheme must be chosen for the long term due to a high-risk portfolio

L&T Emerging Businesses Fund - Investment Strategy

By making any online investment in L&T Emerging Businesses Fund, your money will be invested in the small-cap stocks with the highest growth potential. The fund manager Mr Saumendra Nath Lahiri invests a negligible amount of corpus in the large-cap stocks while decent allocation is done in mid-cap stocks. He mainly follows a growth-oriented investment strategy to deliver long term capital appreciation to the investors but attractive valuations on the stocks with growth potential are also utilised. A large number of stocks are selected from multiple sectors to promote diversification in the portfolio. Due to the smartly managed portfolio, the risk or standard deviation of L&T Emerging Businesses Fund is lower than most of the schemes in the category. The fund manager does not stick with either of top down or bottom up approach for stock selection. In recent years, the involvement of debt tools has also increased slightly in the portfolio to keep it stable.

LnT Emerging Businesses Fund Growth : Asset Allocation

The asset allocation further ensures high yields on the investments. The majority of the capital is invested in the high-growth companies falling in the sectors such as financial, banking, chemicals, manufacturing, construction, and auto ancillaries. Hence, online investment in L&T emerging businesses fund has a high potential to provide riches to its investors.

L&T emerging businesses fund ranked “First” in the Small & Mid-Cap category by CRISIL for the quarter ended in December 2017. This further depicts the reputation of scheme in the market. So you must have it in your portfolio for creating long-term wealth and should not associate any of your short-term goals with the same.

Advantages of Investing in L&T Emerging Businesses Fund

  1. L&T Emerging Businesses Fund has been rated as the best scheme in the category of small-cap mutual funds many times by several rating agencies.
  2. It has provided the highest trailing returns in the category several times and has the ability to do that again in the future.
  3. The fund manager cherry-picks each stock after checking the basic details which describe the current growth rate and management control of becoming the well-established entity in the upcoming future.
  4. The fund has a superior track record and has provided outstanding returns in the positive as well as negative market conditions.
  5. It follows a high-risk mandate by allocating nearly 60% of the corpus in small-cap stocks but still maintains lower risk than most of the peers due to superior stock selection strategy.
  6. Small-cap stocks provide high returns but the selection of the small-cap stock is a tough task. By investing online in L&T Emerging Businesses Fund, one can invest in a variety of best small-cap stocks.

Should I Continue to Invest in L&T Emerging Businesses Fund G Online?

  • Being an active investor, if you aim to generate long-term capital appreciation from a diversified portfolio of predominantly equity and equity-related securities, then l&T emerging businesses growth scheme of L&T Mutual Fund  stands an ideal choice for you.
  • This scheme also includes equity derivatives in the Indian markets, with key theme focus being emerging companies (small cap stocks).
  • If the time demands, the scheme could also additionally invest up to 10% in foreign securities of its net assets subject to the Eligible Investment Amount. Investments in these Foreign Securities shall be subject to the investment restrictions specified by SEBI/RBI from time to time.

Significance of L&T Emerging Businesses Fund Growth Scheme

  1. As we know that the Lnt emerging businesses fund’s main objective is to create wealth, in the long run, it mainly invests in the equity assets. The thing that distinguishes l&t emerging businesses growth fund from others is that its prime focus is on the small and medium-sized companies which are emerging businesses in the market and are willing to reach higher in the long run.
  2. The fund managers cherry-pick each company checking the basic details which tell that the company is currently growing and has firm management control of becoming the well-established entity in the upcoming future. One can quickly determine that investment in L&T Emerging Businesses Fund Growth follows a bottom-up approach; thus it selects the stocks of the companies which have a higher potential to yield the desired outcomes rather than opting for the ones which already have high valuations.

Here, we have listed down the attributes preferred at fund to help you understand why it is a perfect buy to fulfil wealth creation objectives. So, if you wish to achieve your goals within time with a bit high risk, then you must start an online investment in L&T Emerging Businesses growth scheme right away at lpl电竞(拉萨)在线下注可靠 . We will assist you in simplifying the entire investment process and making your journey a success.

As understood from the points discussed above, Lnt emerging businesses fund g invests in emerging companies which are typically in their initial stage of development and have the potential to grow their revenues and profits at a much higher rate as compared to the broader market.

Being a high-risk fund, it is recommended that you should buy l&T emerging businesses fund only if you can bear the ups and downs in your investment values due to the fluctuating market.

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Meet Our Clients
L&T Emerging Businesses Fund Growth became my investment choice this time as I was interested in taking risk and try something new. Investment in this fund has proved to be a great decision as its overall functioning is really impressive. The way it is working and managing risk seems to be working well. The returns that it is providing are amazing. What an amazing scheme to invest in by L&T Mutual Fund. Would definitely recommend it to everyone.
Shaurya Sachdeva Mumbai
I was happy to see the kind of returns L&T Emerging Businesses Growth Fund was offering and thus I invested in no time. I used to be a stock investor, but in February 2016, when the stock market was going down, I lost almost 30% of my investment. After that, I decided to go for a new investment option, and one of my colleagues suggested lpl电竞(拉萨)在线下注可靠 . I told them my requirements and they suggested me SIP in L&T Emerging Businesses Fund G. I hope to get the same growth in the future. Thank you.
Kshitij Jain
I invested in L&T Emerging Businesses Fund G as I am an aggressive investor and believe in taking high risk to earn outstanding returns on my money. Online investment in this scheme turned out to be right as it has yielded huge returns with time which are best compared to the other such schemes. I am happy and thankful to the experts of lpl电竞(拉萨)在线下注可靠 who suggested me this fund as per my investment requirement. Also, the investment procedure here is user-friendly and doesn’t require payment of any additional charges for the services.
Chetra Maheshawari Pune
I am investing in a mutual fund from past 3-years and maintaining a diversified portfolio as well. Impressed by their Quora answer, I asked the experts at Mysiponline to review my profile, and they have advised me L&T Emerging Businesses (G) as I don't have an allocation in small-cap instruments. You people are great, and I’m happy with your valuable suggestions.
Vaishnavi gupta Pune
L&T Emerging Businesses Fund G was something that instantly caught my attention, when I visited lpl电竞(拉萨)在线下注可靠 and checked out some of the best schemes running in the market. When my cousin told me about investing in mutual funds, I was quite adamant to accept his proposal. It had everything that I was looking for - sound investment policy, strong numbers and more importantly, the backup of one of world’s biggest and trusted brands.
This fund has always been under my watch since inception and I have been investing for almost 4 years now. This fund has provided me better gains than I expected, but under a negative market I have also faced negative returns. I am confident that this fund can be quite productive for me as my investment objective is for 10 years.
Shubhangi Patna
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