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Investing across the full market capitalisation and various sectors, the diversified equity funds Also Known as Multi Cap Funds offer most diversification than any other category. They invest in the equity and equity-linked derivatives of large-cap, mid-cap and small-cap companies. The Multicapl Funds aim at generating capital by offering a moderately high risk to investors for the long-term. Investors with an investment horizon of 3 years or more can invest in Best Multicap Funds .

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    Fund Name Latest NAV (₹) Rating Return (%) Double Money In 1 Lac Grew To (₹)  
    463.9 4 18.84 5Y 11M 1.68 L Invest
    165.24 3 23.16 5Y 4M 1.87 L Invest
    172.35 2 22.97 6Y 1M 1.86 L Invest
    21.09 26.59 5Y 1M 2.03 L Invest
    79.95 21.55 6Y 6M 1.80 L Invest
    15.1 17.58 4Y 4M 1.63 L Invest
    15.77 17.31 4Y 5M 1.62 L Invest
    15.41 15.41 4Y 11M 1.54 L Invest
    14.62 13.48 5Y 6M 1.46 L Invest
    14.2 11.38 6Y 8M 1.38 L Invest


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    • Well, that depends on scheme to scheme. In general, the average returns of midcap funds in the long term ranges between 12%-18%.
    • Choosing the best multicap fund depends on several factors like your investment horizon, mode of investment, portfolio allocation of a scheme, past performance, market conditions etc. Thus, before investing in any multi cap fund always perform an in-depth analysis of the fund to safeguard yourself from the market risk.
    • Multicap Mutual Funds aim to utilize investment opportunities across the market. These funds invests in a combination of large, mid, and small cap stocks for providing moderate returns to the investors.
    • Multicap Mutual Funds are suitable for the investors who can digest moderately high risk in the mutual fund space. These funds are riskier than the large cap funds as they also invest in the mid cap and small cap stocks which makes them more prone towards risk.

    Diversified Equity Funds (Multi cap Funds) - A Key to Excel in Fluctuating Market

    The word diversified means variegated or different. We all have heard the phrase “Strength lies in differences and not in similarities”. The same is conceptualized in the mutual fund industry. Just imagine if you put all your money into a single stock and the share prices of that company hits the rock bottom. What would be your reaction? Anxiety, depression, financial loss, moral weakness and in extreme cases nervous breakdown. Don’t be scared! The financial experts have found a way to avoid all these problems in one shot. And the answer to this is “ Diversified Equity Funds ”.  

    In diversified equity funds your investment is broken down into small-small segments and then re-invested into diversified categories of listed stocks (namely, Large-Cap, Mid-Cap, Small-Cap). The heart of this category is security. While investing in different categories and Multi Cap Funds of the same category the money invested is secure from the sudden shock that market gives. Say, for example, if you lose Rs. 100/- it is bearable but if the loss amounts to Rs. 10,000/- then it is a big deal and what if the loss is of Rs. 1,00,000/-, then you lose your mind. Isn’t it? So why not opt for a more relaxing and hassle-free investing solution?

    Why Invest Through Diversified Equity Mutual Funds?

    The next question impending in your mind will be why investing through diversified equity mutual funds? The same concept can be followed in capital market also. Correct? To solve this confusion let us have a look at this example. There is Mr. A having Rs. 1,00,000/- as surplus. He intends to put that in the capital market. But, unfortunately when he selects different types of funds, it dawns on him that the amount he is having is insufficient. He can’t increase the amount and at the same time wants an investment in the capital market. Now, what is the solution to the problem of Mr. A? The solution is an investment strategy which will provide a dual benefit of SIP investment and within your budget. Do you know the answer? Yes you are right! It is “ Multicap Funds ”.  

    There are various AMCs (Asset Management Companies), which provide numerous schemes under diversified equity funds. On our site you will get the best of the options available to choose from variegated diversified equity Mutual Funds made available by different companies. Our experts have toiled hard to bring forth only the best of the companies which will give new heights to your mutual fund investment and at the same time add volume. UTI MNC fund, L&T India Value Fund, SBI Magnum Multiplier, etc. are some Best diversified mutual funds.  

    Diversified Equity Funds (Multi cap Funds) - Know Few Ponts About It

    All you need to do is, note a few points before investing in diversified Equity funds:

    • Select a category:  Select the category (Large-Cap, Mid-Cap, Small-Cap) wisely. Each of the categories has different return limits and also varying risk factors. Whichever category you may select but always have a long-term perspective in your investment.
    • Analyze the past performance:   Thoroughly study the track record of the diversified equity funds you are planning to invest into. There are a number of companies providing different type of diversified equity funds. Wisely choose from them.
    • Determine you risk-bearing capabilities:   Risk factor is the most prominent one while investing in the capital market. Fix a limit up to which you can bear the risk.
    • Cost of investment:   In order to plan your investment through diversified mutual fund you also need to analyze the cost that the companies are charging under various schemes. You should choose a scheme fitting in your budget.
    • Compare different schemes: & With the list of options available in diversified equity mutual fund category you can get confused. Don’t panic! Consult our experts for the best guidance on Multi cap funds.

    With the fluctuating market conditions you might need some guidance regarding your investment. Our experts will provide you accurate advice and will assist you at any point of time. And if you want to calculate the the retuens of any fund then you should check our SIP calculator as well.

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