4,270 03 April, 2019

In the second part of our "Three Pillars to Mutual Fund Investments", we bring you the two different Mutual Fund Investment Ideologies. These are as follows: 1) Fund-based Investing 2) Portfolio-based Investing Fund-based investing is centered around different categories, their funds and their risks. The selection of funds depends upon their portfolio and preference is given to those funds with good management capabilities for long term wealth creation. Then comes Portfolio-based investing. It is centered around the investor's risk, rather than a fund's. For this, it is essential for a person to identify both, their financial and their psychological risk. Based on these, a person can take the help of an expert and draft a portfolio that suits their needs, with allocation into various categories and funds centered around the investor's requirement. This video dives deep into both of these investment ideologies to provide a clear understanding of how investment should be done by an individual. The second part of Investment Ideologies will cover different types of scores in our Risk Assessment Test to select the right funds and portfolios centered around these scores. Take our Risk Assessment Test to identify your risk: Also, while you’re at it, follow us on Instagram: @mftalks | Facebook: #mutualfunds #investment #hindi Tags: Mutual Fund Investment Ideologies MF Ideologies Best Way for Investment in Mutual Funds Mutual Fund Investment Ideology Experts Advice for Investment in Mutual Funds Fund Based Investing Portfolio Based Investing Portfolio and Fund Based Investing in Mutual Funds Mutual Fund Investment Styles MF Investment Styles

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