11,819 06 June, 2019

This time on Mutual Fund Talk, we bring you the analysis of the equity market for the last 1 year and its effect on the concerned mutual funds. The video speaks discretely about different categories of mutual fund and their performance this year. The reasons which affected the market conditions are also discussed for different categories of mutual funds. Major incidents which were responsible for any change in the market conditions for the last 1 year have also been described in the video. The video also includes recommendation of mutual funds for the future according to their behaviour in the past year. The recommendations have been done for every category of mutual funds to allow every investor to select the best schemes for oneself. Watch the video to understand everything you need to know about the performance of different categories of equity mutual funds in the last 1 year and their expectations in the future along with the recommendation of funds for every category. And while you are at it, follows us on Instagram: @mftalks | Facebook: #mutualfunds #mfanalysis2018 Tags: Expert Analysis on Large, Mid & Small Cap Category 2018 - 2019 Analysis on Large Cap, Mid Cap & Small Cap 2018-2019 analysis on the performance of large cap, mid and small cap Best High return Funds Risk Analysis on top performing funds 2018-2019 Large Cap, Mid Cap & Small Cap 2018-2019 - Explained in Hindi best mutual funds performance 2018-19 Experts advice for investment in Mid Cap and Small Cap funds Top Recommended Funds Advice on performance of Large Cap, Mid Cap & Small Cap 2018-2019 Analysis on Performance & Risk of Large, Mid & Small Cap 2018-19 Top Performing Mutua Funds Performance of Best Mutual Funds 2018-19 Large, Mid & Small Cap Category Analysis & Performance 2018-19 Best SIP Funds to Invest Top Recommended Funds 2018- 2019

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