19,708 31 July, 2018

This video gives insights of SBI Small Cap Fund which has delivered significant returns in the past but possess high risk.

Watch the detailed analysis of one of the best performing small cap funds in India. SBI Small Cap Fund is a high-risk scheme which aims for long term wealth creation through equity instruments of small-cap companies. The video contains every important detail regarding investment in SBI Small Cap Fund.

The video contains risk to reward analysis to enhance the transparency of the SBI Small Cap Fund . The past performance has been analytically checked according to the market conditions to analyse the future aspect of the fund. The portfolio has also been deeply examined to give unbiased suggestions to the investors.

Watch the video to see if the fund suits your investment objective and risk appetite or not. The video will help you to make a better decision regarding investment in SBI Small Cap Fund.

The fund must be chosen according to the suitability of the investor for a pleasant investment experience.

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