IT sectoral mutual funds aim to deliver long-term capital gains by investing in the stocks of technology companies. The IT sector has played a crucial role in driving the economy of India for a long time. Some of the sectoral IT mutual funds have delivered remarkable returns in recent years and had the potential to perform even better in the future. These funds are suitable for the investors who can track the performance of the IT stocks in the market as the funds are directly dependent on them.

ICICI Prudential Long Term Equity Fund: Your best companion for last minute tax saving

Save up to Rs.46,350 + Long Term Wealth Creation INVEST NOW
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    Fund Name Latest NAV (₹) Rating Return (%) Double Money In 1 Lac Grew To (₹)  
    ICICI Prudential Technology Fund - Growth
    Moderate risk | Sectoral-Technology
    134.5 30.28 2Y 11M 2.21 L Invest
    116.59 28.67 2Y 12M 2.13 L Invest
    Tata Digital India Fund-Regular Plan-Growth
    Moderate risk | Sectoral-Technology
    31.83 27.35 2Y 11M 2.07 L Invest
    SBI Technology Opportunities Fund - Regular Plan - Growth
    Moderate High risk | Sectoral-Technology
    133.62 25.25 3Y 2M 1.96 L Invest
    Franklin India Technology Fund-Growth
    High risk | Sectoral-Technology
    289.35 19.33 4Y 3M 2.46 L Invest

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