46 02 February, 2022

Union Budget 2022 Explained in Hindi with Important Budget Highlights & Analysis

This video will cover

0:00 Importance of Budget

Fiscal Management

Budget Important Highlights

Budget updates for the middle class

Budget Positive & Negative

Budget Impact on Equity Market

Budget Impact on Debt Market

Budget 2022 - Major Announcements of Union Budget speech

Indias Growth Estimated 8-8.85%

PM Gatishakti Master Plan for expressway

National Highways 25000 Km in 2022-23

400 New Generations Trains in Next 3 yrs

100 Cargo Terminals in next 5 Yrs

Rivers Interlinked for irrigation

2.3 Lac Crore MSP to Farmers

Natural & Chemical-free farming to be promoted

100% Post Offices operated as the banking system

one class one TV channel eVIDYA 12 to 200 TV Channels

Digital University


5G Rollout to be conducted in FY 22

Introduction of digital currency Digital Rupee

30% tax on digital assets

15% surcharge cap on LTCG

Reduced Alternative Minimum Tax for cooperatives to 15%

Taxpayers can now file updated returns within 2 yrs from the relevant AY

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